Everything is crumbling down beneath us

product_h_e_heart_pin_fyr_marcedonia_1 (1)North Macedonia

The country formerly known as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia but now known as North Macedonia barely ever makes it past the semi finals, and even then they tend not to deserve it – I mean look at this balkan trouser-suit ballad that I managed to miss in its entirety as I took a carefully timed three minute wizz (air). As if!

If you have North Mac in the sweep, don’t be surprised if they’re missing from Saturday night again. It says here that their artist Andrea is “relatively new to the world of pop” but that her journey has “gotten off to a flying start”.

North Macedonia

I’m not sure that her blisteringly pedestrian mid-tempo angstimenrtal entry counts as a “flying start”, presumably because it was written at a time “when she was dealing with a difficult situation”, with the message that “if you’re truly unhappy, you need to change everything around you”.

I’d much prefer it if they went back to doing stuff like this. “The Spice Girls have a lot to answer for”, mutters Wogan as he crashes the vocal, which is rich coming from him.

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