Trying to keep my head above the water


Why do they do this? Team Romania describe WRS as a “man of many talents”. The beatmaker from Buzău began his artistic career as a dancer – performing on stage with Romanian pop icons such as Inna, and being hired as a house dancer for both Romania’s Got Talent and The Voice of Romania.

In 2015 he joined whoompy boyband SHOT for a short while, before moving to London to “hone his craft” as a songwriter and solo act. In total, the Romanian recording artist has released 10 singles, 3 collaborations and is currently working on his forthcoming debut EP, Mandala.


His PR agency says that his musical aura is a “spell, virtually creating a whole new world”, and is “a world where people don’t reduce life to black and white, a world where people are able to see rainbows”. A world, in other words, where everyone has done a lot of drugs.

You’d need to, because in truth his music is terrible. It’s all very “why didn’t I just go home instead of this grubby little club”. It’s pre-comedown 4am music, when you just want to leave but you’ve lost your phone and your friends and you could absolutely murder some chips.

Romania! I ask you. Do you remember that time when Ovi off of Romania put his head through a piano toilet seat and started tinkling with the rim?

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Jim Dickinson

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