I found the right one at the wrong time

Cornelia Jakobs
Hold Me Closer

Cast your mind back to last year – when in the middle of a wild, exhilarating weekend of bullying a 16-year-old girl, Toby Young got proper excited when he discovered that climate change activist Greta Thunberg’s mum had done Eurovision, calling her “privileged”. That’s right folks. A noted eugenicist whose dad got him into Cambridge is arguing that the revelation that a teenager’s mum came 22nd in Eurovision in 2009 really means that “climate change” is an elaborate ponzi scheme designed to keep the privileged likes of Rylan Clarke in work. Just wait til he finds out who Emily “Queen of the Jungle” Atack’s mother is.

Sweden. I love the food. I love the people. I love the fact they enjoy paying tax. Tax is excellent. It’s a dirt-cheap way of getting good things. I love Ikea, I love Alcazar, I love extensive paid parental leave, and I love five weeks of paid holiday every year by law. I love Lynda Woodruff. I love meatballs, I love gender equality, I love sarcasm, I love social mobility, I love castles with moats, I love Petra Mede, and I love Malmo. And Gothenburg. And Stockholm. And I love their distinctive, daring, spectacular pop.

I mean just listen to this off of the women that once sung “Release Me”. How do humans create genius like this?


Sweden is the spiritual home of europop, and they really go to town on choosing their song. There’s no “Eurovision your decision” or “Unser Star für Vienna” bollocks for them. Their “melodifestivalen” takes weeks, is the country’s highest rating TV show and features every big pop star going in the country, spawning whole albums and careers and local radio station parties in parks (Baest Musik Just Nu – Rix FM).

This year the process produced Cornelia Jakobs, a women who’d had a go previously back in 2011 with a fairly anonymous Red One (Ga, Ga) girlband called Love Generation. Her song Hold Me Closer is a dangerously addictive mid-tempo earworm about a bad breakup, performed to absolute perfection – it just might not be instant enough to take the crown on Saturday.

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